Is Aspirin Effective To Treat Sore Throat ?

Is Aspirin Effective To Treat Sore Throat ?

Aspirin is known as a headache remedy. Although these drugs can also be used in times of emergency as blood thinners when a heart attack. But a new study shows, aspirin is also an effective treatment for sore throat.

According to findings by scientists from the University of Cardiff Common Cold Centre, two aspirin tablets dissolved in water is effective in treating sore throat. With notes, the solution is used to rinse the way, not swallowed. The effect will last more than six hours.

Is Aspirin Effective To Treat Sore Throat ?

Nasal congestion products containing menthol are also known to be beneficial for a sore throat. Lead researcher, Professor Ron Eccles, say, these products help eliminate nasal obstruction with a cool sensation.

"In addition, also improve symptoms of sore throat with a local anesthetic action, "said the lecturer at the School of Biosciences, University of Cardiff.

According to the experts at Waikato University, New Zealand, some types of honey can fight infection also cause sore throat . Honey, they said, naturally contains hydrogen peroxide has an antibacterial capabilities .

Meanwhile, according to research from the University of Maryland, honey given to children before bedtime can suppress coughing at night . In fact, they said, honey do it more efficiently than the-counter cough syrup.

Another unique way to treat a sore throat with ear acupuncture is effective. According to Eccles, the placebo effect may like, but still provide good benefits.

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