6 Natural Ways to Induce Labor

6 Natural Ways to Induce Labor - Induction of labor is the way to try and stimulate and facilitate childbirth. Induction is to lure the baby was born at the right time or even possible to speed up the delivery earlier than it should.

Induction of labor in any way is not always the same person. Some people may find a more effective method. However, not all methods have a success rate of 100 %. It depends on the level of maturity of the fetus in the womb. The following natural methods to induce labor to facilitate the process of pregnancy.

Natural Ways to Induce Labor

6 Best Natural Ways to Induce Labor

1.    Intercourse
Intercourse is generally recommended as a method of natural induction methods because semen contains prostaglandins which help to ripen the cervix. A study has found that having sex with a partner makes little difference in the performance of the stimulation of labor. Another common method in the induction of natural naturally orgasm is doing. When a woman has an orgasm, she produces oxytocin ( a hormone that stimulates contractions of the uterus to facilitate the birth process.

2.    Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a natural method that has been used since hundreds of years ago to induce women in their pregnancies. Induction by using acupuncture generally work within 6-48 hours after treatment. The use of acupuncture in pregnancy induction methods usually have a 88 % success rate, especially on clients who receive regular treatment during their pregnancy.

With the acupuncture method , pregnant women usually easier in labor and reduce pain during labor. To be eligible for induction acupuncture, you must be at expected maturity dates, unless it has been declared or recommended by a physician or midwife.

3.    Homeopathy
There are a variety of medications for these methods that can help facilitate the delivery , but you need to consult with a qualified homeopath for further information about the proper dosage.

4.    Nipple Stimulation
Nipple stimulation produces oxytocin and can produce some powerful effects. You can try to stimulate the nipples with your fingers , massaging them one by one. The first nipple massage for 5 minutes ( if no contraction ), then wait to see what happens ( about 15 minutes or so ) before doing it again.

5. Castor Oil
Although castor oil can cause diarrhea or vomiting, but can help in the delivery process. Sometime early in labor , you will experience diarrhea. This is one way to cleanse the body and makes space for the baby, but sometimes this does not happen, especially if the baby is not ready and or as a signal to begin the process of childbirth.

6. Induction Massage
Such as induction acupuncture, induction massage can be given on or after the due date. Massage therapy ( which should be done by experienced personnel in induction massage ) work on acupressure points that are usually avoided during pregnancy can trigger labor. As with regular massage , massage helps to relax the induction and soothe your body as well as relieve tension. The therapy can also use essential oils that can help with labor induction. Induction massage is usually very successful in the induction of labor if the body or the baby is ready to be born .

Induction way everyone is not always the same. Some people may find a more effective method. However, not all methods have a success rate of 100%. It depends on the level of maturity of the fetus in the womb. Thus 6 Natural Ways to Induce Labor, Maybe useful.
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