Is Aspirin Effective To Treat Sore Throat ?

Aspirin is known as a headache remedy. Although these drugs can also be used in times of emergency as blood thinners when a heart attack. But a new study shows, aspirin is also an effective treatment for sore throat.

According to findings by scientists from the University of Cardiff Common Cold Centre, two aspirin tablets dissolved in water is effective in treating sore throat. With notes, the solution is used to rinse the way, not swallowed. The effect will last more than six hours.

Is Aspirin Effective To Treat Sore Throat ?

Nasal congestion products containing menthol are also known to be beneficial for a sore throat. Lead researcher, Professor Ron Eccles, say, these products help eliminate nasal obstruction with a cool sensation.

"In addition, also improve symptoms of sore throat with a local anesthetic action, "said the lecturer at the School of Biosciences, University of Cardiff.

According to the experts at Waikato University, New Zealand, some types of honey can fight infection also cause sore throat . Honey, they said, naturally contains hydrogen peroxide has an antibacterial capabilities .

Meanwhile, according to research from the University of Maryland, honey given to children before bedtime can suppress coughing at night . In fact, they said, honey do it more efficiently than the-counter cough syrup.

Another unique way to treat a sore throat with ear acupuncture is effective. According to Eccles, the placebo effect may like, but still provide good benefits.

Sports Cycling For Health Benefits

For some people, Cycling is a fun activity. Many of the people who like cycling and collecting various types of bikes. One type of cardio exercise is not just a fun hobby or activity performed . According to many studies, cycling has an excellent variety of benefits for the body.  Here are the benefits of cycling exercise for your health .

Sports Cycling For Health Benefits

6 Health Benefits Of Cycling Sports

1. Strengthen Muscles
When cycling , paddling movements are repeated not only affects the leg muscles , but this movement also affect other parts of the body muscles. With cycling, the muscles become constantly moving so that muscular strength will be maintained even stronger.

2. Improving Cardiovascular Fitness
With cycling, you will awake heart condition because the heart rate will be stable. Not only that, this type of exercise also strengthens the heart muscle is able to stay fit.
According to the study , cycling to work will increase cardiovascular fitness as much as 3-7 per cent , so that you will avoid the risk of heart disease.

3. Increase Stamina
Stamina can only be improved with exercise. As with other sports, cycling will help increase your stamina, but in a fun way.

4. Lowering Stress
With cycling , the sense of stress or depression can be suppressed or reduced. In addition, according to some studies cycling can improve self-confidence. This is because while cycling, people usually can enjoy the natural scenery.

5. Burn Calories
These exercises also proved suitable for those who want to lose weight, because cycling can burn a lot of calories. Cycling can be one option to burn calories without having to suffer when compared to other sports.

6. Improving Coordination Nerves
Cycling is an activity that involves the whole body. Movements by various muscles in the body can improve motor coordination and focus.

In addition to healthful sports, cycling, also can keep your sanity. Riding a bike can be enjoyed by everyone at any age, also can be done anywhere and anytime. So many benefits for health cycling sports, let's do it.

7 It Makes Flu Severe Added

7 It Makes Flu Severe Added - Rain and hot weather is erratic is one trigger immune deficiencies so susceptible to the flu. When it is exposed to the flu, there are some common mistakes which can make cold symptoms worse or make it difficult to get well soon.

7 It Makes Flu Severe Added

Here are seven things that make flu symptoms worse.

1. Pretended not sick
You have never been able to let your flu symptoms, because the body will decrease its performance. Conversely, when stricken with the flu , then you have to take care of your body . The body needs extra energy to fight the infection. When you force yourself to remain active despite being stricken with the flu , especially when fever, you would deprive yourself. More severe, flu-like symptoms will be more severe.

According to Jennifer Shu, a doctor from the United States, while the work piling up and deadlines approaching, many people who do not heed the flu and still forced to come to work. In fact, the way it will only aggravate their pain and prolong the healing process.

2. Not enough sleep
Enough sleep is the key to a healthier immune system. A study found that sleeping less than seven hours can increase the risk of flu many times. If your flu symptoms make it difficult to sleep, then go to sleep early or during the day. When cold, however you need to add a break.

3. Stress
Stress can also trigger the flu. High levels of stress hormones in the body will trigger the inflammation that interferes with the immune system to work normally. As a result, you sick longer.

The team of researchers from Ohio State speculated that long-term stress causes the body to release stress hormones - glucocorticoids , especially in the long term. These hormones affect the thymus, where lymphocytes ( immune cells one ) is produced, and inhibit the production of cytokines and interleukins that stimulate and coordinate the activity of white blood cells.

4. Less drinking
When ill, you need to drink plenty of water. This is because the fluids will help thin the mucus which makes it already issued. Water can come from many kinds of beverages such as water, juice, hot tea, even fry foods such as soup.

5. Drinking Alcohol
Too much alcohol will cause dehydration and flu- like symptoms worsen nasal congestion. Activity was also aggravate the immune system and potentially interact with oral medications. Therefore, alcohol is not recommended to drink when cold.

6. Too much use decongestant sprays.
Decongestants may work well when used early days. However, the use of which has been too often more than three days will actually make symptoms worse when no longer used.

7. Smoke
Smokers tend to have more severe flu symptoms than those who did not. They are also more likely to experience a longer period of flu. This happens because smoking damages the cells in the lungs that makes the body more difficult against the flu virus. So when you have a cold should not smoke and stay away from others who smoke.

Signs of Child Suffering from Diabetes Disease

Signs of Child Suffering from Diabetes Diseases - Diabetes is not just an adult disease. Lately, a growing number of children suffering from type 2 diabetes due to lifestyle, or type 1, which was a congenital deformity. According to the American Diabetes Association ( ADA), pre-diabetes have blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

" The good news is pre-diabetes is reversible when diabetes is not reversible, " said Dr. Dyan Hes, medical director of Gramercy Pediatrics in New York City, as in the quotation from FoxNews, Sunday ( 08/12/2013 ).

Health experts say childhood obesity can lead to increased numbers of children with diabetes. Hes said in his experience as a doctor, many prevention begins with parents who can control her food.

Hes saying may be more difficult to monitor children who are older who own their own pocket money, but he does note some of the kids will listen to their doctor and suffer serious prediabetes .

Signs of Child Suffering from Diabetes Disease

The signs that parents should be aware if the child suffers prediabetes :

1 . Acanthosis nigricans, or velvety soft skin around the neck, particularly in the posterior region. This skin hyper pigmentation, which means black. Children with this syndrome are often misdiagnosed with eczema neck. The same dark skin in areas not exposed to the sun such as the armpits and groin. Skin Tags in the neck and in the area with acanthosis. Excessive drinking and excessive urination .

2 . Blood tests on children at risk of diabetes show high triglyceride, and they often have high blood pressure with a big belly ring.

Hes saying the most important thing for parents to do something to reverse the risk of their children from diabetes is to implement healthy diet by eating fewer processed foods and more fiber, as well as pushing for more work.

" You can play jump rope, climb up the stairs not the elevator, it is an easy thing to do, " he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Manny Alvarez of FoxNews adds that parents need to work with their pediatricians because these children have disabilities together to avoid diabetes. Therefore, you as a parent should be aware of signs of child suffering from diabetes.

5 Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

Bad breath when you wake up it's reasonable because during sleep, The mouth does not perform any activity. But if your bad breath is always at all times, this is a big problem, Especially if you are a job should always speak in public. What is the current then how to eliminate bad breath so that we do not feel inferior when talking?

When we breath, Then we have a problem on our oral health, Whether it's on the dental health problems, Or in other parts of the mouth. Or it could be because we are taking certain medications, Because there are several types of medications that can cause bad breath. The following are some ways that we can do to eliminate bad breath.

5 Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

5 Best Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

1. Caring Dentistry - Having problems with teeth, such as gingivitis (gum inflammation ) and tooth decay, can cause unpleasant smelling breath. Dental problems need dental care, brushing teeth twice a day with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush is the solution. You also need to replace your toothbrush every three months. And do not forget to clean between the teeth with dental floss or toothpicks.

2. Brushing your tongue - In addition to the teeth, tongue hygiene is also very important. Bad breath can also be caused by residual food stuck on the tongue. Health doctors advised when we brush teeth, do not forget to brush your tongue too. Because, leftovers can also be left in our tongue. Now also available a special toothbrush that can be used to brush the tongue.

3. Drink Lots of Water - Humidity mouth must be maintained to prevent bad breath. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is a step or solution that is appropriate to do. Avoid soft drinks, alcohol, or coffee that will make your mouth dry and odor. And most importantly avoid and leave cigarettes, because smoking will create new problems in your health. Smoking can cause bad breath.

4. Chewing Gum - You can also fight bad breath by chewing something that can reduce odor. Suppose mint or chewing gum that does not use sweeteners. This way we can do as you go along to the workplace, or anywhere at any time of the situation support .

5. Avoid Eating Onions - Onions are foods that can make the breath smell . To avoid eating foods that use garlic, and shallots. But on the other hand, garlic has many benefits for our body, do this only if it is felt very forced.

Those are some recipes or how to eliminate bad breath is not bad. Certainly the wisest step is to try the above method, if still not healed, please try to consult with your doctor.

7 Healthy Tips Before Sleeping

Healthy Tips Before Sleeping - Sleep is an activity undertaken of all living things, humans included. But, we can not always sleep  healthy, especially on the pattern of each individual. Many people do not realize how important sleep is right for their health. The demands of the daily grind and lifestyle, often makes us less sleep. Research shows that reducing sleep can lower your quality of life and even shorten your lifespan.

Sleep should require sufficient time, because humans need freshness, energy, and vitality needed for activities the next day. Then how to have a good quality of sleep to keep the body healthy and fit? Here I will inform you about healthy tips before sleeping that you can apply daily.
Healthy Tips Before Sleeping

7 Healthy Tips and Qualified Before Sleeping

1.  Bed early. Get used to sleep before 11 pm, because most of the body's cells perform the function of repair and recovery at 11 o'clock at night until 1am. For example, bile neutralizes toxins during this period. If you wake up, it will be poison that back to the liver, which then will be fed back into the circulatory system.

2.  Avoid eating just before bed, because the process of digestion can interfere with sleep. In addition, eating grains and sugar can eventually cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which can lead to starvation and sleep disorders.

3.  Avoid watching TV before bed. Even better, do not put a TV in the bedroom. TV show to stimulate the brain, which interferes with the pineal gland, which can make it difficult to sleep or sleep with good quality. The same thing applies to avoid the habit of reading a book before bed. If you read before bed, choose books that are relaxing and peaceful as spiritual literature.

4.  Avoid caffeine and other stimulant substances, because it can have long-lasting stimulatory effect on the nervous system.

5.  Do not consume alcohol before bed. Many people think that alcohol may help you sleep easier. However, because of the alcohol, the quality and quantity of your sleep can actually be reduced. Nor should smoke before bed because the nicotine in tobacco causes sleep problems.

6.  Relax before bed. For some people, listening to the sounds of nature, such as precipitation, or sea wave, can cause feelings of calm. You can listen to the sounds of nature and imitation may be made fast asleep. Meditation or yoga can be done, or listening to soft music can help you calm and relaxed.

7.  Do not carry a cell phone or mobile phone in your bed. So you are not going to do activities such as calling someone or texting with someone who can disturb your sleep clock. So the quality sleep you can easily get away with a cell phone or mobile phone of your bed.

Unhealthy sleep can interfere with many aspects of your health, including hormonal and metabolic imbalance, premature aging, increasing the severity of the attack and type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, memory, and more. So, you can practice those healthy tips before sleeping to get quality and healthy sleep. Good luck.

Cholesterol May Trigger Breast Cancer

Cholesterol May Trigger Breast Cancer - A product of cholesterol can increase the number of deaths and causes of breast cancer, according to researchers. The results of these studies raise hopes the use of drugs that lower cholesterol called statins can prevent cancer.

The study , published in the journal Science, explains how obesity becomes the biggest risk factor of this disease. Even so, cancer charities said it was too early to recommend that women taking statins in an attempt to prevent breast cancer.

Obesity is associated with many types of cancer including breast , bowel and uterus. Fat in obese people can pump various types of hormones, such as estrogen, which can trigger cancer growth .

Cholesterol May trigger breast cancer

A healthy diet

A team from Duke University Medical Center, in the U.S., showed that cholesterol has a similar effect. Cholesterol is broken down by the body into 27HC, which can mimic estrogen and produce the same effect as the hormones in some tissues.

Experiments conducted on mice showed that a high-fat diet can increase blood levels of 27HC and trigger tumor g 30 % greater than in normal rats on a diet.

The tumor is likely to spread. And in human breast cancer tissue grown in the lab more quickly when added 27HC.

One researcher Professor Donald McDonnell said: " Many studies have shown a link between obesity and breast cancer, and in particular high cholesterol is associated with breast cancer risk, but there is no mechanism that can be identified.

" What we have discovered is the molecular us - not cholesterol itself, but an excess of cholesterol metabolism - called 27HC which mimics the hormone estrogen and can lead to breast cancer. "

The researchers said their findings raise hopes that by reducing cholesterol may reduce the risk of breast cancer growth. Statins have been used by millions of people to reduce the risk of heart disease . However, research suggests that statins may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women - Heart disease is a disease that occurs in cardiac performance occurs due to a disturbance of the heart to pump blood due to several factors. One of the factors that can trigger a heart disease include smoking, diabetes, obesity, lack of rest, lazy exercise, high stress levels, a history of heart disease in the family descent, consume foods that contain high cholesterol.

Heart disease can affect anyone, whether it's parents, children, men and women. Of all the human race to heart disease. In general, heart disease arises due to an unhealthy lifestyle that lead to this disease, there are also some diseases that can have an impact on heart health as well. For that, we need to know early on about the early symptoms of the heart disease. However, this time I only gave information about the symptoms of heart disease in women. What are the symptoms? please continue to refer to in this blog.

Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

7 Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

1. Tired of Excessive
Work or strenuous exercise to be one of the appearance of fatigue. You need to be vigilant, if light physical activity then easily tired. Approximately 70 percent of these are the early symptoms of heart disease, caused by a lack of oxygen to the heart.

2.  Pain in body parts
Mild pain at the heart, sternum, upper back, shoulders, neck, jaw, and other unexpected parts

3.  Sweat out without Activity
Sweaty hands or body part is often associated with heart problems. True enough. When you are not doing activities that drain sweat or sudden sweating, beware! This is one indication that heart disease is also characterized by a pale face.

4.  Nausea
Heart Disease Symptoms began with abdominal swelling. This resulted in a patient about to lose appetite and feel nauseous excess.

5.  Shortness of Breath
The hallmark feature of other Heart Disease Shortness of breath is due to thickening of the blood vessels that block the blood supply to the entire body. This also causes the irregular heartbeat, liver disorders or infections, thickening of the heart muscle, and abnormalities of the heart valves.

6.  Irregular Heartbeat
If you experience irregular heartbeat, is worth to watch out because it can cause fatal. irregular heartbeats usually last because there is thickening of the muscle of the heart valves. This resulted in a narrowing of the subject took place on the valve to cause a leak.

7.  Insomnia
Insomnia is a symptom of heart disease is experienced by many women. Sleep disturbance will result in upper respiratory tract is blocked. It causes impaired respiratory tract and makes a heart attack more likely. Women experience this at least a month before a heart attack, according to research results. If you often wake up in the night with cold sweats and shortness of breath, then you should consult a doctor.

Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms of heart disease in women. Of course, in order for you more quickly detect the risk of heart attack and death can be suppressed.

Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis

Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis - Sinusitis is a type of inflammatory disease that attacks the sinuses. Sinus is a channel in the skull that connects the nasal cavity and eye socket. Sinusitis disease can affect anyone. Children or adults indiscriminately. Although the disease usually attacks the vulnerable children, rather than adults.

Sinus disease symptoms similar to flu, namely, runny nose, stuffy and runny issued. If it is severe can even remove the pus. Sinusitis can be treated with an antibiotic that is given doctor. However, this time I will discuss the treatment of sinusitis in a natural way. Here's How to Naturally Cure Sinusitis that you can try.

Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis

5 Natural Ways to Cure Sinusitis

1.  Apple Cider Vinegar
The early symptoms of sinus infection you can use 1-2 teaspoons of herb vinegar mixed with raw apple cider in 6 ounces of water and a teaspoon of honey to sweeten and then drink 3 times a day for 5 days. Apple cider vinegar helps the dense mucus becomes thin, so it can be easily removed.

2.  Cucumber Extract.
Sea cucumber collagen famous high efficient air combat bacterial or fungal infections that cause sinusitis basis. You can directly consume sea cucumber, sea cucumber extract to cook or buy in a bottle. If you have trouble getting sea cucumber extract, we can help. By drinking 1-2 tablespoons of sea cucumber extract 3 times a day, your immune system will increase rapidly and able to handle bacterial or fungal infection in the sinus area.

3. Increase the consumption of Vitamin C.
As sea cucumber extract, vitamin C can boost the immune system which can cope with bacterial or fungal infection in the sinus area. You can take a pill of vitamin C that are circulating but it is best to get it straight from the fruit because it is more effective to the body. Orange and guava is the best option to get vitamin C naturally.

4.  Fruits and Vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins are very effective to increase endurance. If you combine fruits and vegetables with sea cucumber extract, then you will get the perfect combination to fight sinusitis.

5.  Drinking Hot Water.
Hot water and hot food, can make the nose you feel relieved, because the food and hot drinks will moisturize the mucous membranes in the sinuses, thus helping hair cilia movement mucus attached to it. Generally, people drinking hot tea or hot soup to cure sinus.

You can apply the natural ways to cure sinusitis above to start treating your sinusitis, do it regularly for a few days. If your sinusitis is not cured within 2 weeks by means of the above, you should immediately contact your doctor for further evaluation and medical treatment to treat your sinusitis.
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